Static Mixers

Ross is a leader in the design of Motionless Mixing Systems. Our Static Mixers are well proven for wide ranging uses in turbulent and laminar flow applications, supplied as complete plug-in modules or as mixer inserts for installation into an existing pipe. Popular options include jacket for heating or cooling, injection ports with removable quill and special materials of construction.

Ross offers two basic designs:

  • ISG - Interfacial Surface Generator for high viscosity, laminar flow mixing.
  • LPD or LLPD - Low Pressure Drop for low viscosity, turbulent flow mixing.

For many decades, Ross has supplied Static Mixers for installation in refineries and oil sampling pipelines, water and wastewater treatment plants, R&D and manufacturing facilities for chemicals, food, plastics, composites, adhesives, sealants, pharmaceuticals, pulp & paper, biodiesel, industrial gases, and many other applications.